Every Piece, a Story

A story is a way of bringing the past to life. Stories evolve, but the messages live on forever. What is your story?

“when I can’t be with her, she can wear the locket and have me close in spirit”

This snowflake locket was perfect for my daughter’s 18th birthday in December. When I can’t be with her, she can wear the locket and have ...read story

“my Michael locket gives me great comfort to know he is with always with me”

My father, Tom Hoban, was a wonderful husband, Dad, and Papa to our family. He passed away after a courageous battle with brain cancer, but ...read story

“I keep her close to remind me of what really matters; family, love, and unconditional support”

I always called my grandmother Honey. She was more than a grandmother she was a mentor and my friend. I keep her close to remind ...read story

“with all of the choices available I was able to get a locket that fit each of my sisters’ personalities. They wear them every day.”

I purchased 2 lockets, one for each of my sisters, with a picture of our father in them. My dad passed away very quickly 3 ...read story

“i got to walk down the aisle with him and bring him along in a way that I’ll never forget”

A few years before I planned my wedding, I lost my Uncle Ed. He was one of the people who had truly defined what love ...read story

“a perfect gift for anyone who wants to smile at the thought of their loved ones being so close to them”

My son and daughter in law are very precious to me. On this Mother's Day, I realize how glad I am to have this beautiful ...read story

“the happiness and hope in their eyes reminds me that I was born from love and raised with endless encouragement”

I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2009 and I have missed her every single day that has passed since then. My locket holds ...read story

“I find some comfort knowing that he gets to do some of the things with me that we always loved to do”

Now that I have a little more distance from my father's death, I find that I love to wear my locket with him inside on ...read story