June's Birthstone: The Pearl (History, Facts, & Gift Guide)

June's Birthstone: The Pearl (History, Facts, & Gift Guide)


If you're born in June, you're lucky enough to have three birthstones - pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. We're quite partial June's birthstone of the pearl. Pearls are deeply meaningful and just plain gorgeous and timeless. Pearl birthstone jewelry is full of meaning and the mystical stories of its origin are truly captivating.

Why does June have three birthstones?

Only two months are lucky enough to have three of their own birthstones - June and December. Those with birthdays in June have three gorgeous birthstones to choose from. The June birthstones are the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. There's no one reason why June has three birthstones. Some say it's because June's zodiac sign is Gemini, which represents two personalities in one. So perhaps those two personalities couldn't settle on just one birthstone! Or it may simply have had to do with the availability of these three stones over time.


Alexandrite was discovered back in 1830 in Russia and is described as an "emerald by day, ruby by night". This stone possesses almost mystical qualities as it can change colors when placed under different lights. Alexandrite is actually even rarer than diamonds, which means it is extremely valuable. This uncommon stone is said to bring love, good luck and fortune.


Moonstone comes in a variety of colors such as blue, gray, yellow, peach, and cream. Moonstones are a symbol of a third wedding anniversary - how sweet! Moonstones can be found in Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland. Another fun fact is that the Moonstone is is Florida State Gemstone in honor of the Kennedy Space Center.
It's known for its healing qualities, of which is has many! Moonstones have been used to centuries as far back as ancient Mesopotamia for it's healing properties. The Sumerians believed that this stone could even help predict the future! Some of the restorative and therapeutic qualities this June birthstone is said to have include:
  • Relieving feelings of fear
  • Assisting in decision-making through wisdom and knowledge
  • Boosting confidence
  • Giving a feeling of relaxation

How are pearls formed?

The birthstone for the month of June can be found in all corners of the earth. Natural pearls can be found all over, in places such as the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Aden, many rivers of Europe, northern Australia and so many more places. What causes the pearl birthstone to form is a process that is truly remarkable!

How Natural Pearls are Formed

There are two ways that pearl birthstones can be formed - natural and cultured. Natural pearls are extremely rare and valuable these days due to restrictions to ensure they aren't over-harvested. Most natural pearls available for purchase can be found in rare vintage and antique jewelry. These pearls are formed when a particle becomes trapped in fresh and saltwater mollusks and mussels. The mollusk begins to cover the particle with layers of nacre, which is another word for mother of pearl. As more and more layers are added, the pearl grows in size.

How Cultured Pearls are Formed

Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are more eco-friendly and sustainable. It also requires a whole lot of skill and precision. Pearl technicians begin by very carefully placing a small bead in the oyster, which is then returned to the sea where they are kept safe in a mesh bag. The pearl technicians diligently monitor the temperature of the water and will continuously adjust their depth to keep them in their peak growing conditions. The oysters are routinely cleaned and examined to make sure they are healthy. Only about 5% of the oysters will survive and bear pearls that are the perfect shape, shine, and color. Imagine how much patience and expertise it must take to cultivate just one strand of pearls!
Whether natural or cultured, pearls are truly remarkable in how they are formed. Unlike any other stone or gem, pearls are crafted by a living being rather than being extracted from rocks, and they don't require special polishing or cutting. They are simply beautiful on their own as they are.

What is the meaning of the pearl, June's birthstone?

Pearls were used and prized as far back as the 5th century B.C. so it's no surprise that the pearl can signify many things. Mythology says that pearls fell down to earth by dripping from the moon down into the ocean. Legends even say that this June birthstone is formed when a rainbow meets the earth and the colors are determined by the storms and lightening it encounters. There are also stories that claim pearls are the tears of fantastical beings such as mermaids and nymphs. If you've ever held a pearl in your hand, you can understand why long ago they believed that pearls originated somewhere truly magical.
So what does the pearl birthstone mean? Did you know that different colored pearls have different meanings?
  • Blue pearls help the wearer to find love.
  • Black or gold pearls bring wealth and prosperity.
  • Pink pearls lead to success, fame, and good fortune.
  • Brown pearls indicate practicality, masculinity, dependability, and harmony
  • White pearls display innocence, beauty, and purity
Pearl birthstones bring a lot of wisdom and balance. It's believed that pearls can bring a sense of serenity and confidence to those who wear them. They keep you grounded and centered, no matter what life throws at you. They will help with decision-making, judging right from wrong, and keeping an open mind. Wearing pearls even provides a protective energy, so we can understand why pearls seem magical.

How can you tell if a pearl is real or fake?

To most people, it can be difficult to tell real pearls from fake ones upon first glance. There are ways for professional jewelers to determine whether a pearl is real or fake, but some of them require special tools. Here are 5 easy ways for you to tell whether a pearl is real or imitation.

  1. Real pearls each have their own unique shape, size, shine, and color. A strand of fake pearls will all appear completely identical.
  2. If the pearl appears a little too neat, then it probably isn't real. Pearls are made from living creatures so each pearl will have its own unique characteristics.
  3. Real pearls will have a cool feeling in your hand, even when its hot out.
  4. Rub the pearls together. If they are real, a powder will be produced. And don't worry, rubbing the pearls together will not damage them!
  5. If you have a strong magnifying glass, the pearl will appear to have a grainy surface. If it looks more like an eggshell, then they are imitation pearls.

June Birthstone Gift Ideas

Pearls are a beautiful gift idea for those with birthdays in June. We're all about giving gifts with meaning. Not only are pearls a gorgeous birthstone gift, but the history and meaning behind them give the June birthstone enchanting qualities. A pearl birthstone necklace is a gift that any woman would treasure.
Here are some of our favorite lockets that feature pearls.
The Georgie is an oval shaped pearl necklace that is classically beautiful. The ornate pendant is suspended from two stunning freshwater pearls. This locket is charged with meaning as the pink pearls are said to give the wearer fame, success, and good fortune and the locket pendant holds cherished memories. A truly wonderful piece of June birthstone jewelry.
Shop the Georgie locket necklace here.
The Claire locket bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind. With four lovely strands of pearls clasps around your wrist, this June pearl bracelet is bound to capture attention. And we bet nobody will guess the pendant opens to reveal a photo inside! A beautiful June birthstone gift.
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The Cora is a pearl chain with a locket that is a unique lariat style. With an elegant strand of pink pearls, this locket is sure to become an heirloom passed down through generations.
Shop the Cora locket necklace here.

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