Troy in SomaliaDuring my 24 years of service, one of my favorite photos was one taken of me with a bunch of Somali kids at an orphanage in Mogadishu circa 1993. I believed then – and still do today – that our service men and women are the ambassadors for all the good people in our country, representing the best of our values and ideals.

As I sit here and write, there is a mom, who also happens to be an Army nurse, taking time away from her family to build a hospital in Liberia to fight Ebola. A new father on a Navy ship in the Middle East who has yet to hold his newborn child. A Marine at an Embassy in one of our 125+ posts around the world ensuring the safety of our diplomats overseas. Often left unseen, few know the good they do. But, they go and do it anyway, representing the best fabric of our country and our values. Not just in war, but in peace.

Today, please take a moment to reflect on the service so many have done on our behalf and, in your own way, say a small thank you. Happy Veterans Day to all who have served, past and present, in war and in peace.

- Troy