One of the toughest choices when personalizing your locket is choosing the photo. Who do you want to carry inside your locket? Your best friend? Your children? A pet? And which photo do you want to choose? Sometimes it's just too hard to narrow it down! Luckily for you, we have several lovely two photo lockets that hold your most cherished photos inside. Here are some of our top picks for lockets that can hold two photos.

1. The Mimi Locket Necklace

One of our best sellers for two photo lockets is the Mimi! The Mimi is a modern take on the classic locket as it swings open rather than clasping shut.

Mimi Gold Locket Necklace


2. The Roxy Locket Necklace

Another top pick, the Roxy is a lovely little locket necklace perfect to wear everyday. With two special photos tucked inside, the Roxy is sure to become a favorite piece of jewelry in your collection.

Roxy Locket Necklace


3. The Rose Locket Bracelet

The Rose is a heart locket bracelet that's the perfect place to keep two photos of those you love very much. This gorgeous little two photo locket also comes as a locket necklace!

Rose Silver Locket Bracelet


4. The Sasha Locket Bangle

A unique piece, the Sasha locket bangle is one that people will rarely guess is a locket. They'll be surprised to see that this bangle can open up to reveal two photos tucked inside this locket bangle.

Sasha Silver Locket Bangle


5. The Carly Locket Necklace

This sweet, sparkly little necklace is more than just an adorable piece of jewelry. Tuck a piece of your heart inside this heart locket to keep love close every day. We can add two of your most favorite photos to the Carly locket necklace.

Carly Heart Locket Necklace


6. The Zoe Locket Necklace

Sometimes you just want to show off your loved ones. The Zoe glass locket necklace is a beautiful way to display two photos of those you love dearly.

Zoe Glass Locket Necklace