Sending off your soldier is the most bittersweet moment. Knowing they're heading out to serve our country is a source of immeasurable pride but not being able to have them by your side is tough. Whether it's your significant other, child, friend, or relative that's serving, you'll want to plan how you can stay connected. Here are some ideas for keeping their love close and staying in touch with your soldier while they serve.


Take Notes

If your soldier has access to internet and you're able to video-call or schedule a phone call, keep a journal with things you want to update them about. You may not be able to control how often you talk on the phone and some time may pass between when you are able to talk with them. If you carry around a small journal with you, you can jot down moments that you want to share with them.


Keep a Photo Journal

Take a weekly photo that highlights your week and add it to a journal. Take notes of your favorite stories and moments from the week. When your soldier returns, you can catch them up on all the highlights of life while they were away.


Create a Gallery

The hardest thing is not seeing their face for so long. Create a gallery of your favorite photos with your soldier in a place that you regularly see. If you need a little help, here's a guide to creating a home photo gallery.



Here's a fun way of staying connected with your soldier. Have them write you a note for you to open every week. Whether it's just a note of encouragement or an inside joke, it's sure to bring a smile to your face and be something you look forward to.



Keep a photo of your soldier in a locket. Knowing you have a little photo of the bravest person you know tucked into a lovely locket that you can take with you everywhere will give you strength and peace.

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