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  1. Mother's Day Spotlight: Dustin Bateman

    Mother's Day Spotlight: Dustin Bateman

    This is the story of the love of a young man for this mother and his grandmother. And of his wish to pay tribute to his mother with a keepsake locket. And of how With You fulfilled this wish in a memorable way. Recently, With You founder Troy Haley was addressing a high school student group about starting and growing a business. Following his presentation, Troy was approached by Dustin Bateman, a high school student in attendance. He had been inspired by Troy’s speech and, at that moment, understood at...
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  2. Celebrate or Mourn?

    Celebrate or Mourn?

    If you’ve lost someone you held near to your heart, you will inevitably be faced with the decision of how to mark the anniversary of their death. Do you celebrate their life or mourn their absence? It’s a deeply personal decision and one of those times when you truly need to follow your gut. I admire the people who are able to make it a celebration. Those who go out and do something that marks the date in a positive way and makes them feel good and happy. Because we...
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  3. Grateful for Past, Present and Future

    Grateful for Past, Present and Future

    Last month, I had the good fortune to attend my high school reunion. It had been many years since I had seen my classmates. Truth be told, I felt so far-removed from my high school self that it’s almost as if those years were not my own. But, with the hope of seeing people I have recently reconnected with (thank you Facebook!), I made the decision to attend. And while I wasn’t nervous about going, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Which is great because the night was wonderful...
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  4. Walking Down The Aisle

    Walking Down The Aisle

      I’m typically a Good Morning America loyalist but while working from home in March, I switched on The Today Show and came across a bubbly young woman named Kaitlin West and her fiancé, John. The couple was in the midst of preparing for their live Today Show wedding. I researched her story and felt an immediate kinship. She had recently lost her father and was preparing to walk down the aisle without him. It tugged at my heart and I felt the need to connect with her and let her...
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  5. Be The End

    Be The End

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. From our company’s inception, we made a commitment to support the cause in honor of our partner Elizabeth’s mother, who lost her fight against the disease. I connected with an old high school friend whose wife worked for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and immediately knew it was the right place to put our efforts and our money. 91 cents of every dollar raised goes to research and every $50 we raise pays for an hour of research. Research is what we need most...
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  6. Off to Kindergarten

    Off to Kindergarten

    Our daughter, Olivia, is heading to kindergarten this week. When we got married in 2010, a baby wasn’t on our radar as we had just both turned 40 years old, so when we found out we were having a baby less than a year later, we were shocked and overjoyed all at the same time. To say she is sweet and kind is an understatement. She is a really great kid and we are constantly complimented on how easy to be around she is, which of course, makes us happy...
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