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  1. Why She Deserves a No Reason Gift

    Why She Deserves a No Reason Gift

    She works hard and plays harder. She's your rock, your cheerleader, your everything. It's great to give her an awesome gift on her birthday or Christmas. But if you're looking to take a gift to the next level, give it to her when she least expects it!  She'll be so touched and surprised by your thoughtfulness. Here are some little reasons to give her a no reason gift! Brighten Her Day If you've found the perfect gift, save it for a day when she really could use a pick-me-up. Maybe she...
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  2. Live in The Moment or Take Photos?

    Live in The Moment or Take Photos?

    To take a photo or to not take a photo? We often hear the wish that people would put down their phones and enjoy the moment. In this day and age where social media is king, it's hard to ignore the urge to capture and share every moment. In 2015, users shared an average of 2 billion pictures on Facebook and 80 million photos on Instagram each day. But does taking photos of everything from special occasions to every day activities take away from truly enjoying these experiences? Some lovely...
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  3. Choosing the Best Photo for Your Locket

    Choosing the Best Photo for Your Locket

    A while back we posted a guide on Who to Put in Your Locket. Once you've decided on who you'd like to carry, you have to choose the best photo for your locket! Finding a photo that will look good once it's been scaled down and cut can be a challenge. Lucky for you, we've put together a list of tips for getting the best photo for your locket! Photo Quality Choose a high resolution photo for the best quality. When photos get scaled down to fit into the locket...
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  4. Off to College: Keeping in Touch

    Off to College: Keeping in Touch

    This is it! This is the big moment they've been working towards since they were six years old. They're done with school buses, set schedules, and the class they've grown up with. It's an incredibly bittersweet time for both parents and their high school graduates. Once they walk across that stage and collect their diploma, it's time to soak up that last summer before your grad goes off to college (if they decide that's the path for them)! And of course at the end of the summer, they'll head off...
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  5. Which Locket for Men to Gift Dad?

    Which Locket for Men to Gift Dad?

    Here at With You Lockets, we want to make choosing a locket to gift your Dad this Father's Day easy!  Here's a little guide to help you choose which locket for men would be best! The Henry Dog Tag Locket This dog tag locket was made to celebrate the brave and courageous. Its simple design with a single shimmering white topaz stone is made for the Dad who appreciates things that aren't too flashy. Show your Dad you appreciate all he has sacrificed and done for you by gifting him...
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  6. Photo Gifts For Newlyweds: A Gift Guide

    Photo Gifts For Newlyweds: A Gift Guide

    It’s wedding season! Now that you’ve been invited to the perfect summer weddings, all you need is the perfect gift for the bride and groom. A photo is worth a thousand words. They capture a moment in time and preserve it for years to look back on. Find the perfect way to incorporate photos in your gift to the lovely couple in this gift guide! DIY Photo Frame Set Family is everything. That’s why photo frames can never go out of style. If you’re more of a DIY person, take a...
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  7. Why You Should Take Family Portraits

    Why You Should Take Family Portraits

    Everybody looks back and laughs that those typical family portraits from the 80's and 90's. You know the ones, with people gazing off into the distance with big hair and bright, baggy clothing. While they might make you cringe, these family portraits are invaluable. When asked what they'd grab if their house was burning down, most people replied they'd take their family photos. That's because these precious photos offer glimpses into life of the past and are irreplaceable. Here's why taking family portraits is so important! Watch the Kiddies Grow...
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  8. Keeping Loved Ones Close While Traveling

    Keeping Loved Ones Close While Traveling

    It's nearly summer time, which means trips and vacations! Whether you're traveling solo or with family and friends, there's usually still someone you're missing. It could be a cherished pet. Or it could be someone you've lost. Knowing that a loved one can't be with you while you jet off makes traveling bittersweet. Here are some tips to help you with keeping loved ones close while you travel, even if it's only in your heart. Journal Keep a travel journal while you vacation. Jot down what you did that day...
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  9. History and Origin of Memorial Day

    History and Origin of Memorial Day

    Every year on the last Monday of May, Americans celebrate Memorial Day. On this day we have the day off to watch parades, wave American flags, and host barbecues in the warm weather. It can be easy to forget the true meaning of this holiday. The reason we are free to celebrate in the great country. Memorial Day has a rich history as one of our nation's oldest holidays. Where did Memorial Day Come From? After the Civil War, Americans began holding services to honor the countless lives lost. For...
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  10. Including Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding

    Including Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding

    If you've been following our brand, then you know the story of how the idea for With You Lockets was conceived. If you're new around here, we'd like to share the sweet, touching story with you. Our founder, Mikki Glass, lost her father following a battle with brain cancer. A while later, her sister was getting married and Mikki wanted to find a way to include him in the wedding in a private way. She came up with the idea to gift her sister a locket anklet with the photo...
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