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  1. Including Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding

    Including Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding

    If you've been following our brand, then you know the story of how the idea for With You Lockets was conceived. If you're new around here, we'd like to share the sweet, touching story with you. Our founder, Mikki Glass, lost her father following a battle with brain cancer. A while later, her sister was getting married and Mikki wanted to find a way to include him in the wedding in a private way. She came up with the idea to gift her sister a locket anklet with the photo...
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  2. Guide for Storing and Cleaning Jewelry

    Guide for Storing and Cleaning Jewelry

    If you have a piece of jewelry that means so much to you, of course you're going to wear it often! It might be a locket necklace with a photo of someone you're missing or a ring passed down through generations. But wearing jewelry often takes its toll in the form of tarnish, scratches, and dull gemstones. Here are some tips for storing and cleaning jewelry to keep it looking its best. Storing Jewelry There are some preemptive measures you can take when you receive a new piece of jewelry...
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  3. Perks of Having a Pet

    Perks of Having a Pet

    Dog. Cat. Lizard. Fish. Most everyone has owned some kind of pet at some point during their life. In fact, according to the ASPCA , 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States! And let's not forget about all the other more unusual pets such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders, or bearded dragons! Whether you're into pets that are fluffy or feathery, we can all agree that pets bring so much joy into our lives. These little (or big!) companions have the ability to comfort you when...
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  4. Graduation: Excited and Overwhelmed

    Graduation: Excited and Overwhelmed

    Graduation is coming Graduation is something that every senior thinks about. Before you know it, it’s May and you’ve got a diploma in hand. This is exactly where I’m at. Graduation is just around the corner. It's hard to believe that this routine of school is finally coming to an end. This chapter of my life is finally over. With college coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the rest of my life. This is definitely scary and overwhelming. Don't stress There are many things to think...
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  5. A Personal Story: My Mother’s Best Friend. My Grandmother.

    A Personal Story: My Mother’s Best Friend. My Grandmother.

     My mother's best friend. My grandmother. Our hero.  My grandmother died suddenly a few months ago. An unexpected loss that hit my entire family harder than any of us imagined. We were fractured. Missing the glue that held us together. The only thing that kept us going in the hours and days after her death were the images we had of her. The hundreds of photographs collected over her eighty-year life were shared and passed around. Family dinners with spaghetti sauce on her white shirt. Smiling on the side of...
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  6. Helping Your College Grad Deal with Uncertainty

    Helping Your College Grad Deal with Uncertainty

    After graduating, the whole world is your college grad's oyster. Walking across the stage to collect their diploma is undoubtedly the most exciting and overwhelming feeling for them. For the first time in their lives, these college graduates are no longer students. They won't have the structure of a class schedule and it's time for them to take on the world. Here are some tips to help your graduate embrace the uncertainty of post-college life. Find Your Calm Not knowing the path your life will take in the next five...
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  7. Tips to Take Stunning Photos Using a Phone

    Tips to Take Stunning Photos Using a Phone

    Remember when you used to carry around a little point-and-shoot camera with you wherever you went? Nowadays, a smartphone functions as a camera, music player, and much more. Here are some easy tips to take stunning photos with your phone without needing fancy lighting or an expensive camera! 1. Clean up your camera Before you start shooting photos, clean off your camera! Use a microfiber cloth to clean any smudges off of the camera lens. This will prevent any blurring or scratches that could ruin all the photos you take...
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  8. Create a Truly Special Mother’s Day with Photos

    Create a Truly Special Mother’s Day with Photos

    The first moment your mom held you after you were born, she felt like she couldn’t keep her eyes off you. That first baby picture is always one of a mother’s most treasured possessions. From that moment, every photo tells a story. Your first birthday. When you learned to ride a bike. Family vacations. Each moment captured for you to relive when you look through your photos. This Mother’s Day, use favorite photos to create a special day of reminiscing and thanking mom for creating wonderful memories. Here are some...
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  9. Easy Ways to Keep Long-Distance Friendship Fun

    Easy Ways to Keep Long-Distance Friendship Fun

    Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or it's time to celebrate, knowing you've got your best friend by your side just makes life so much brighter! Being able to see a best friend whenever is one of the greatest things. Unfortunately something most everybody has faced at some point is when you or a friend is moving away. Maintaining a long-distance friendship can be challenging but here are some ideas to make it a little easier! 1. Photo of the Day Every day, swap a photo that sums...
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  10. 5 Tips to Make your Workspace Homey

    5 Tips to Make your Workspace Homey

    The average American spends about 46.7 hours a week at work so it's natural to want your home away from home to feel more, well, homey! Having a cozy workspace is a great way to reduce stress and boost productivity. When you feel at home at your desk, you'll look forward to coming in every day. 1. Buy a Plant Invest in a low-maintenance houseplant to spruce up your workspace! There are several varieties of plants such as Aloe, a Snake Plant, or Jade that are difficult to kill for even...
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