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  1. Back to School: Easing the Anxiety

    Back to School: Easing the Anxiety

    August signals the end of summer for students. The pool toys are starting to be put away and the school books are coming back out. Back to school anxiety is very common. Heading off to school can be stressful - for both you and your student! Whether you're watching your child get on the bus for the first time, or drive away to college, it can be a bit nerve-wracking! After having them around all summer, the sudden separation may be jarring for some (and a welcome change for others...
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  2. Who Does Country Singer Audra McLaughlin Carry in her Locket?

    Who Does Country Singer Audra McLaughlin Carry in her Locket?

    If you haven't heard of phenomenal country singer and finalist on season 6 of The Voice, Audra McLaughlin, you're missing out! We recently helped design a stunning custom pearl locket choker for Audra, which is now named after this incredibly sweet, inspiring singer. We spoke with Audra about her two lockets, the Audra and the Sadie and asked about who she carries inside and what inspired her. If you want to learn more about Audra McLaughlin's story and her music, you can visit her website here: https://audramclaughlin.com/   How did you...
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  3. Top Picks: Lockets That Hold Two Photos

    Top Picks: Lockets That Hold Two Photos

    One of the toughest choices when personalizing your locket is choosing the photo. Who do you want to carry inside your locket? Your best friend? Your children? A pet? And which photo do you want to choose? Sometimes it's just too hard to narrow it down! Luckily for you, we have several lovely two photo lockets that hold your most cherished photos inside. Here are some of our top picks for lockets that can hold two photos. 1. The Mimi Locket Necklace One of our best sellers for two photo...
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  4. Honoring a Lost Pet's Memory

    Honoring a Lost Pet's Memory

    Losing a pet is like losing your very best friend and a member of your family. Several of the With You Lockets team have lost a beloved pet within the last year. We wish our little friends could spend forever with us! We never want to forget their personality, quirks, and favorite things. Here are some beautiful ways of honoring a lost pet's memory. Hold a Tribute Gather your family and everyone who loved your pet dearly and spend some time talking about all the memories you have with your pet...
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  5. Staying Connected With Your Soldier

    Staying Connected With Your Soldier

    Sending off your soldier is the most bittersweet moment. Knowing they're heading out to serve our country is a source of immeasurable pride but not being able to have them by your side is tough. Whether it's your significant other, child, friend, or relative that's serving, you'll want to plan how you can stay connected. Here are some ideas for keeping their love close and staying in touch with your soldier while they serve.   Take Notes If your soldier has access to internet and you're able to video-call or...
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  6. 10 Free Random Acts of Kindness

    10 Free Random Acts of Kindness

    We could all do with a little extra kindness and love in our lives. Random acts of kindness are a beautiful way to spread a little brightness into someone's day. Not only does the recipient feel the love from a random act of kindness, but they might in turn pay it forward to create a kinder community! Here are ten ways you can perform a random act of kindness this week at no cost.   1. Phone a Friend Reach out to someone you haven't heard from in a while...
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  7. Top Picks: Our Favorite Yellow Gold Lockets

    Top Picks: Our Favorite Yellow Gold Lockets

    It's summer time and that means warm nights, relaxation, and vitamin "sea". Yellow gold lockets are always gorgeous to accessorize with in the summer as the golden color reminds us of gorgeous rays of sunshine. For all you yellow gold lovers out there, this list is for you! 1. The Shelly Locket Up first is the petite Shelly locket. This gorgeous locket features four gorgeous diamonds and is perfect to wear for a beautiful outdoor dinner date or any of your summer adventures. This tiny locket packs a lot of...
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  8. Photo Gifts With Newborn Baby Portraits

    Photo Gifts With Newborn Baby Portraits

    There's nothing better than holding a sleeping, cuddly newborn baby and breathing in that new baby smell. It's a time that flies by and most parents wish for their babies to stay tiny forever. A big trend right now is to get portraits done of their newborn baby so they can remember these days despite how sleep deprived they may be at the moment! With all the running around adjusting to life with a newborn, parents may not have time to properly frame or create something with these portraits. Here...
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  9. Who to Gift a Locket

    Who to Gift a Locket

    There are so many people in our lives worth celebrating. Whether you're celebrating one of life's victories alongside them or helping them through a tough time, a gift locket that includes a photo of someone they cherish is a beautiful way to commemorate an occasion or lend support.   Parents of a New Baby Gift a locket necklace to a new mommy or daddy with a photo of their newborn child inside. Whether mom or dad is heading back to work or planning to stay home, it can be hard...
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  10. Tips for Taking the Best Photos While Traveling

    Tips for Taking the Best Photos While Traveling

    It's that time of year where families pack up and head out for their vacations! Whether you're traveling near or far across the globe, it's always fun to document your trips. Photos of family trips can become prized possessions to look back on for years to come. We've done the research and here are the top tips for getting best photos while traveling on your family vacation this summer! Be Prepared Preparation is key to getting amazing photos while traveling. Here are some tips to get ready. Get to know...
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