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  1. Sympathy Gifts | Gifting a Locket to Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

    Sympathy Gifts | Gifting a Locket to Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

    When someone close to you loses a loved one, you immediately want to spring into action to help out. Seeing someone you love grieving and in pain when you just want to take it all away for them is difficult. Sympathy gifts are a way to show that you are always there. Here are some tips to gifting a locket as a sympathy gift. Reach Out After someone close to you has lost a loved one, gently reach out to express your sympathy and show that you are there for...
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  2. What Makes Our Lockets Special

    What Makes Our Lockets Special

    Lockets are lockets, right? What makes our lockets special? As it turns out, quite a bit! Lockets are a deeply personal, sentimental piece of jewelry. They capture a moment in time and allow you to wear it as your very own personalized heirloom. It can be fun to create your own keepsake. Imagine how it can be passed down from generation to generation! After starting your search for a locket whether in-store or online, you'll quickly realize that there are just so many options out there! When you're searching for...
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  3. Keeping New Year's Resolutions | Motivate Yourself with Photos

    Keeping New Year's Resolutions | Motivate Yourself with Photos

    New year, new you! January 1st is the day when we can turn over a new leaf. We set goals for ourselves. Some goals are lofty and some are small, but none are impossible. The great thing about a new year is we don't know what the year holds for us! If we want, we can start on a journey to better ourselves and the world around us. Keeping your resolutions is an incredibly satisfying feeling! Making the resolution is the easy part but keeping yourself motivated can be tricky...
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  4. Lisa's Locket | A Short Story

    Lisa's Locket | A Short Story

    The With You Lockets team recently had the pleasure of connecting with author K.D. Ray who was writing a collection of holiday short stories. One of her stories centered on the gift of a locket. She found our lockets inspiring and asked to use one of our lockets on the cover of her book and as the centerpiece of her story! The entire book is full of beautifully written stories of eight different Christmas experiences. Below is a sneak peek of her book. Cozy up and read the story of...
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  5. Holiday Gift Guide: Picking the Perfect Locket & Photo

    Holiday Gift Guide: Picking the Perfect Locket & Photo

    A locket is the perfect sentimental gift during the holidays. If you have someone in mind that you'd like to gift a locket, the next step is picking the perfect locket and photo for inside. Selecting the best locket and photo requires a lot of thought about the recipient. What style would they love? Would they prefer rose gold or silver? Who would they like in their locket? It can seem overwhelming but lucky for you, we're here to help!   For the New Mom If it's her first Christmas...
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  6. Ultimate Sentimental Gifts for Her

    Ultimate Sentimental Gifts for Her

    The holiday season is a time that is filled with emotions. There's those cozy, so-happy-your-heart-could-burst moments when you're decorating with the family or snuggled around a cozy fire with cups of hot cocoa. There's also sad moments when you wish far away family could be closer or lost loved ones were by your side. A sentimental gift is the ideal gift for any woman during the holidays. A photo locket is the ultimate personalized, sentimental gift. You'll be sure to win over her heart when she opens up a beautiful...
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  7. Honor a Lost Loved One During the Holiday

    Honor a Lost Loved One During the Holiday

    During the holidays, many people search for ways to honor a lost loved one. For those grieving a lost loved one, the holidays can be a difficult or bittersweet time. No matter how much time has passed, the holidays are times when we especially miss those we've lost. The holidays are a season to be surrounded by friends and family who care so deeply for us. When you're missing someone, it can be hard to celebrate without them. Here are some ways to honor someone you're missing this holiday season...
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  8. Photo Lockets are Back - Here's Why You Need One

    Photo Lockets are Back - Here's Why You Need One

    Photo lockets have been in and out of style for centuries. Most likely while you were growing up you saw a grandparent wearing an ornate locket with old photographs carefully hand cut and placed inside. These days, sentimental jewelry is back and better than ever. And they're not just the vintage style lockets that your grandmother wore! Photo lockets today can be stylish and modern, so much so that people may not even believe that they're lockets until you open it up to show off the photo tucked inside. We're...
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  9. Zodiac & Astrology | History and Fun Facts

    Zodiac & Astrology | History and Fun Facts

    Even if you're not big into astrology, horoscopes, and zodiac signs, you've probably at some point peeked to see what your horoscope predicts. There's just something so alluring about the magical world of astrology! Where did the Astrology and the Zodiac signs come from anyway? The history of astrology actually goes way back - almost 2,000 years! Its beginnings were a little bit different than what we think of as astrology today. The Babylonians invented astrology as a way to predict seasons and other celestial events to help plan out...
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  10. The Ultimate Family Fall Activity Guide

    The Ultimate Family Fall Activity Guide

    September 26th is National Family Day. Whether they are family by blood or by choosing, family is that group of people that gives you endless support and love (and sometimes drives you a little nuts). Take time today to surround yourself with those that you call family and let them know that you appreciate all they do for you! National Family Day is also just in time for the first week of fall! Fall is the perfect season to make fun memories with family. The leaves are about to change and...
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