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  1. We're Open

    It’s such an inspirational word and one we are SO happy to be using today. Finally, all the planning and hard work has brought us to this – we are open for business! Open to bring you a beautiful collection of keepsake lockets that you can own and cherish and pass along to future generations. For you, it’s an opportunity to open your heart. And your locket. Open it often and feel the love that emanates from your loved one inside. It’s a good word. And a good day. The...
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  2. A Military Life

    When I met my husband in 2006, I didn’t know anyone in the military. Well that’s not completely true - my father had been in the Army for a short time, but that was before I was born, so it’s hard to count that. Troy had just recently come home from an 18-month deployment to Iraq when I met him and I wasn’t sure what to think. What I did know was that I really liked this man. I was quickly introduced to his military family and spent time at...
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  3. With You...

    We all have people who have shaped our lives, whose voices are present even in their absence, who we carry in our hearts. The idea for With You began with one of them. Michael Glass was my father. Funny, charming and larger than life, he was everything a girl could want her father to be. In 2002, at the age of 61, my dad died following a short battle with brain cancer. As is often the case when you lose someone you love, I was completely unprepared for life without...
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