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  1. Siblings


    Today is National Sibling Day and we’re taking a moment to reflect on the joys (and un-joys) of having a sibling. For those of us who grew up sharing their parent’s time and attention – not to mention personal space – you know that it can be rough going at times. But, in nearly every case, siblings grow up to be the people you cherish most in the world. It turns out all that sharing leads to a deeper level of understanding. And, some great stories about the battles we...
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  2. Fresh Starts

    Fresh Starts

    This past week has been all about fresh starts for us. Spring is finally here (on the calendar if not in the weather forecast) and our team is preparing to move to a bigger, more private office space. We can feel the Zen in the air! And while it feels great to have a fresh start, it means you are leaving something behind. In the case of Spring, we are ready to shed the brutal cold, storms and heavy layers that Winter dictated. As for our current shared office space...
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  3. You Are Perfect To Me

    You Are Perfect To Me

    I recently noticed my son was in a bit of a funk. Schoolwork has been getting more intense and social situations are getting trickier to navigate. So when I saw a magnet in the store that read, You Are Perfect To Me, I thought of him instantly. I purchased it and gave it to him that same night. The smile on his face was one I will never forget. The magnet hangs in his room, close to his bed so it’s the first thing he sees each morning and the...
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  4. Busy is a Four-Letter Word

    Busy is a Four-Letter Word

    A few years back, there was an article in the New York Times titled The ‘Busy’ Trap. It spoke of a new social norm. Ask someone how they’re doing these days and you will likely hear, “Busy!” And not just “busy”, but all the descriptive variations of just how busy they are – “SO busy!” “CRAZY busy!!!” “INSANELY busy!!!!!” It reminds me of the Eskimo’s 50 words for snow (which by the way, means you have too much snow in your life.) When there are tiers of just how “busy”...
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  5. Losing a Pet

    Losing a Pet

    Last week, we read a touching tribute from Robin Roberts who lost her Jack Russell Terrier, KJ, after 18 years. She spoke of companionship, unconditional love and joy. We get it. Our pets are part of our families. So, it should come as no surprise that we have had more than a few requests for photos of pets to be placed inside our lockets. And it’s wonderful to help people keep their furry loved ones close. “I'm grateful and blessed to have had her as long as I did. She...
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  6. Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward

    There have been a lot of great stories recently about people who have dug deep to help others. I loved the story about James Robertson, the man from Detroit who walked to work every day, and Blake Pollock, the UBS banker, who gave James a ride whenever he saw him walking. Then, there is the teenager who helped raise $350,000 to provide transportation for James, without ever having met him. I watch a lot of news and I’m struck every day by the terrible things going on in this country...
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  7. Snow Day

    Snow Day

    Once upon a time, a snow day was a thing to be cherished. Squeals of delight from children who got a free pass from school and a good excuse for their parents to catch up on some much-needed sleep. But the times, they are a-changin’. Technology, the very tool that gave us the freedom to work remotely, has trapped us. Snow day, schmow day. The work must go on. This last snow day left me – and pretty much every other working parent I know – completely stressed out with...
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  8. The Anniversary Trip

    The Anniversary Trip

    My husband and I celebrated our five-year anniversary on the 16th. We marked the occasion with a trip to Punta Cana with some of our closest friends. We agonized for a good amount of time over whether to bring Olivia, but ultimately decided to leave her home. The couples we were traveling with had grown kids or no kids and it felt like a great excuse to have adult time, something we both desperately needed. We got to Punta Cana on Thursday and, as quickly as we could, set off...
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  9. I am not Sad

    Every so often my work requires that I travel. And when I do, I miss my family so much that it aches. This week, before leaving town for a business trip, I took my kids to school and hugged them extra tight. I reassured them that while I would miss them like crazy, I’d be back before they knew it. My daughter clung a little longer than usual so I clung right back, told her not to be sad and kissed her cheek until it was raw. I kept it...
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  10. Here We Go!

    Have you ever had a year that was so good that you didn’t want it to end? It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those, but for sure, saying goodbye to 2014 was bittersweet. Not only were we surrounded by love and blessed with good health, but 2014 was the year we brought With You to life. Hours and days and weeks and months of planning, meeting, talking, debating - all came together to produce our inaugural product line. Like anything that you pour your heart and soul...
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