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  1. Still Wearing White

    Still Wearing White

    While traditional fashion rules dictate putting away our whites after Labor Day, I just can’t seem to comply. Summer is my favorite season and with a few more weeks before we officially wish it farewell, it seems unfair to make such a drastic change to my closet, which is filled to the brim with white clothes. No one sets a deadline on retiring our winter sweaters when Spring approaches. If it’s cold, you keep them in rotation until the weather thaws. My winter coat far outstayed its welcome this year...
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  2. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear

    In April, I lost my favorite cat. I rescued Jackson at PETCO’s adoption day in Union Square and from the moment I met him, he was my boy. He had scrapes and scratches on him and I thought he was the most adorable, scrappy kitty I’d ever seen – completely in need of a really masculine name. We became besties and even as I added another kitty to the mix to keep him company, there was something special about Jackson. Our relationship remained that way for more than 16 years...
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  3. Your Happy Place

    Your Happy Place

    I recently saw a Facebook post from an old friend. It was a photo of a sweet garden captioned, “My Happy Place.” It made me smile and instantly conjure an image of my own “happy place.” In a world of constant movement and shuffle it’s wonderful to take a moment and soak in a place that gives you comfort and peace. May you appreciate and enjoy YOUR happy place.
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  4. The Full House

    The Full House

    Summer is, hands down, my favorite time of year. Largely because of the steady stream of visitors from near and far who fill our home with their love and laughter. I LOVE a full house. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a house where there was always a flurry of activity. I can still hear the sound of our front door swinging open and closed as friends dropped by to play and stayed for dinner. My mother made it a place where everyone wanted to be. As an adult...
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  5. A Rose Gold Summer

    A Rose Gold Summer

    Rose Gold has made its triumphant return to the jewelry world. This dreamy metal looks especially gorgeous on lightly tanned summer skin. In celebration of this fantastic trend – and our Mimi locket which comes in the prettiest hue of rose – we’ve put together a new Pinterest board, Rose Gold Summer, filled with inspiration to keep you glowing all summer long (think popsicles, lip balm, cocktail recipes and more!) Check it out <a href="https://www read the full info here.pinterest.com/withyoulockets/a-rose-gold-summer/" target="_blank">here and start following us on Pinterest to keep up...
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  6. Father's Day

    Father's Day

    Father’s Day isn’t the easiest day to celebrate when you have lost your dad, although these days, some of my sadness is replaced by being able to celebrate my favorite dad, Troy Haley, who surprises me every day with how deeply he loves his daughters. Still, the day makes me think of my dad and what struck me this year is something that he said to me in the early days of his illness. For those who don’t know, my father had brain cancer and because every square inch of...
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  7. Photo Shoot

    Photo Shoot

    Photo shoots are exciting and we have been busy getting ready for ours diet pills for weight loss. It’s our second shoot and we can’t help but reflect back on this past year and how far our little company has come. A year ago, we had a bag full of samples, a logo and a general idea of how we were going to go talk about our brand. The day of our shoot, it all came together so beautifully that we knew we were on to something special. And that...
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  8. Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is never an easy day for a veteran who has seen the horrible outcome that war brings. The memories of lost souls who never had the chance to breathe American air again, taken from this earth too young and too soon. Many veterans will spend a quiet moment in a cemetery visiting a white headstone with the name of the soldier, sailor, airman or marine who was lost in some distant land far away. The veteran can be seen on bended knee, often wiping away a tear, saying...
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  9. Monumental Moments

    Monumental Moments

    The GraduateLife is full of them. And this time of year has no shortage of pomp and circumstance. So for everyone going out to celebrate weddings and graduations - enjoy the moment with your loved ones! If you don't have a celebration planned, why not have some friends over for a screening of The Graduate? Perfect movie for this time of year and it's sure to bring back (and create new) memories!
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  10. Jackson and the Appendectomy

    Jackson and the Appendectomy

    Last Sunday, I had to say goodbye to my cat, Jackson, who was more than just my cat. He was my sweet love and my first baby. He died at home peacefully, surrounded by love. And our hearts broke open wide. Less than an hour later, I was doubled over in pain. And not the kind of pain that comes from a broken heart, but the kind of pain that indicates it’s time for a trip to the emergency room. Which is exactly where we headed. My appendix was inflamed...
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