Losing a pet is like losing your very best friend and a member of your family. Several of the With You Lockets team have lost a beloved pet within the last year. We wish our little friends could spend forever with us! We never want to forget their personality, quirks, and favorite things. Here are some beautiful ways of honoring a lost pet's memory.

Hold a Tribute

Gather your family and everyone who loved your pet dearly and spend some time talking about all the memories you have with your pet. Honor their memory by sharing photos and stories.


Create a Memorial

It could be a special stone in your garden or a framed photo with their favorite toy next to it. Each time you walk past, you'll be reminded of all the good times you had with them.


Declare a Special Day

Dedicate one day a year where you do everything your pet loved. It could be going for a walk in their favorite park, taking a trip to the beach, or sprucing up their favorite spot in the yard.



Create a scrapbook with all your favorite photos of your lost pet. You could even include their ID tag and a scrap from their favorite blanket or their bed. Each time you're missing them extra, flip through the pages.



Whether it's donating your time to a shelter or money to a charity or organization that helps animals, you'll feel good knowing you're helping other pets and animals and also honoring a lost pet's memory. Here are some good, trusthworthy organizations that help save animals in the United States.


Keep Their Love Close

Tuck your favorite photo of your pet into a locket necklace and you can keep their memory close to you always. You'll remember all the laughs and snuggles each time you open the locket and see their little face inside. You could even add their little ID tag as a charm to the locket necklace chain!