August signals the end of summer for students. The pool toys are starting to be put away and the school books are coming back out. Back to school anxiety is very common. Heading off to school can be stressful - for both you and your student! Whether you're watching your child get on the bus for the first time, or drive away to college, it can be a bit nerve-wracking! After having them around all summer, the sudden separation may be jarring for some (and a welcome change for others!). Here are some ways to deal with that back to school anxiety.

Get Organized

Everyone knows that organization is key to success in school. 2 - 3 weeks before they head off to school, sit down and have them write a list of everything that helps them stay organized. Also create and clean up a designated study area together. This looks a little different as each person has their own style and preferences. Maybe they like to study and listen to music. Or maybe they need complete silence. Try to accommodate these needs as much as you can! Knowing they have their own space to do homework in their own way will make them excited to get back to school!


Plan Something Special

Plan a little after-school surprise to celebrate your student's first day back at school. You could plan a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to a special surprise! Or bake their favorite treat! This can be a tradition that carries on for all of their school years and will make your student look forward to their first day of school and ease some of that back to school anxiety.


Get Active

Spending some time outside in the fresh air is a proven way to reduce stress. While your kid may still have recess time each day, it's still hard to adjust from playing outside all summer to sitting still all day. Try to go for a walk, play a game of soccer, or do some sort of outdoor activity each day after school before settling down to study. If you get in on the action too, you'll also receive some of those stress relieving benefits! Here is an article with some ideas for stress-reducing outdoor activities:


Give a Back to School Gift

On the day before school starts, gift your student a locket with a photo of something they'll find calming inside. Some ideas are a family photo from summer vacation, a photo of their favorite pet, or a special note. You can even get a locket yourself to keep a photo of your student inside! Each time either of you is feeling back to school anxiety, you can just open up the locket to see the faces of those you love you smiling up at you.

Back to School Locket