ClockOn Sunday, we turned our clocks back as we brace ourselves for the long winter months that await. My kids got such a kick out of the fact that we would repeat the same hour TWICE in one day that it got me thinking. How I wish we had the power to really turn back time and relive one precious hour again.

While pregnant with my first child, I worked with a man who told me how envious he was of what lie ahead of me. He said he would pay any amount of money to have one more day with his girls as toddlers (they were in college as he spoke.) His words stuck with me and whenever I feel life getting really busy – or my kids making me especially crazy, I stop, breathe and take it all in. I remind myself that they will never be 4 or 7 or 10 years old again. And I try to appreciate the moment and all its frenetic glory. I hope you find a moment today to appreciate your day and the people you love.Hidden Figures film download

– Elizabeth