If you haven't heard of phenomenal country singer and finalist on season 6 of The Voice, Audra McLaughlin, you're missing out! We recently helped design a stunning custom pearl locket choker for Audra, which is now named after this incredibly sweet, inspiring singer. We spoke with Audra about her two lockets, the Audra and the Sadie and asked about who she carries inside and what inspired her. If you want to learn more about Audra McLaughlin's story and her music, you can visit her website here: https://audramclaughlin.com/


How did you come up with the inspiration for your pearl choker locket?

I mentioned to Cathy at Calhoun Jewelers how I wanted a stage necklace that no one had. I love the color turquoise. I mentioned that I would love a piece that was turquoise. Also I talked about how growing up that the Titanic movie was my favorite and that I always obsessed over the blue necklace thrown in the ocean. They mentioned that they would surprise me with a design. Jim Femino, who is my business partner and Music manager, knew how much my dog Casper (who recently passed away) and my Grandpa (who recently passed away) meant to me. They decided to add a picture of them in the locket. It is so special to me, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to wear it on stage and show the world!


Audra Pearl Locket Choker

This stunning pearl locket choker was designed specially for Audra, who love the color turquoise! This one of a kind locket honors the memory of her grandfather and her dog, who both recently passed away.


Who do you carry in your lockets?

In the Pearl choker I carry my late grandfather and my late dog, Casper. Both who I loved very much and miss dearly. So glad I get to carry them with me everyday. In my Sadie locket it’s a picture of my family. My mom, dad & brother. I am very close with my family. I wouldn’t be able to follow this dream without their love & support. They have always been my number 1 fans. I live in Nashville now. It’s always tough being away from home for long periods of time, so it’s so nice to be able to carry my family with me everywhere I go. I also FaceTime and call them everyday.


Sadie Locket Necklace

Audra McLaughlin is often seen wearing her Sadie locket which contains a photo of her family, whom she misses dearly while she is away working on her music career.


How did you choose the photos you wanted in your lockets?

I knew I wanted the photos to be of my family and the people I’ve lost.  I have such a huge bond with my family. We are very close. My parents have always came out to almost every single one of my shows. I knew I wanted a picture of my family in the locket because they mean so much to me. They are my biggest fans and they support everything I do. I lost my dog Casper in November about 2 days before I had vocal surgery. That was extremely tough because I’ve had him since I was 10 years old. Having a picture of him in my locket means so much, he was my best friend. I lost my grandfather over a year ago. That was extremely tough. I was very close with my grandfather. I grew up singing with my grandfather at a very young age. He took me around to the nursing homes with him and we would sing Christmas tunes around the holidays. He also took me to different hospitals and we would sing for some of the patients. My grandpop was a true entertainer on the stage. He always knew how to make everyone in the audience laugh and he never even seemed nervous doing it. I always said that one day I wanted to be like him and not be afraid of getting on stage in front of a large crowd. Having a picture of my pop in the locket means so much. He was my biggest fan and I know he still is.


What was your reaction upon opening up your lockets?

I definitely cried, happy tears of course. They were both the most beautiful necklaces I have ever been given. They are both so very special to me. I wear my Sadie everyday and I wear my pearl necklace for special performances.


How have other people reacted?

My family, friends and fans absolutely love both of the necklaces. I always get compliments on my necklace. They will always be my favorite necklaces! Thank you for making them so special .


When do you wear your lockets? Special occasions? Every day?

I wear my Sadie everyday. I never take it off. And I wear my pearl locket on special occasions and for performances. Thank you again for designing these special pieces for me. They mean so much to me. They remind me that my loved ones are not too far away.