From day one, she's been your rock. She makes you laugh until you cry and knows just what to do to cheer you up. She deserves to be pampered and spoiled with an incredible anniversary gift! It's time to show her just how lucky you are to have her in your life.  And there are so many anniversaries to celebrate! Whether it's big, like your wedding anniversary, or small, like a first date it's fun to plan something special to surprise her. If you're stumped on what to do or just not the creative type, here are some ways to impress her on your anniversary!

Take Note

Throughout the years, she probably at some point or another has expressed the wish for something. Maybe she reminisced about a delicious meal she once had. Or pointed out something she wants that she would never buy for herself. Or maybe she's exclaimed that she loves a certain kind of flower. Keep notes in your phone and surprise her on your anniversary. Cook that delicious meal! Buy that special something! Show up with those flowers that she loves! She'll be so touched that you remembered and she'll be sure to cry happy tears.

You could also keep note of anniversaries on your calendar. Record the day of your first date, your first kiss, when you moved in together, and so on. Each time you remember such days, she'll be so surprised by your thoughtfulness!


By Year

To make it super simple, each anniversary year has a theme! Hallmark has a great list for each year up to your 60th anniversary! Click here to read the full list and get some ideas:

Your first anniversary is paper. So, for example, you could frame your vows. Or you could write her a sweet note and tuck it in a locket necklace so she can read it whenever she's missing your or needs to be cheered up! Looking for more paper gift ideas? Here's an article with even more ideas!

Your second anniversary is cotton. Some gift ideas she'd love for this anniversary are something soft and snuggly. Pajamas are a common idea! You could also get her a fluffy robe and treat her to a day at the spa! Or you could set up your own spa at home with candles, rose petals, and a hot bubble bath and cold champagne. Need more inspiration? Check out this article for more second anniversary cotton gift ideas!

Your third anniversary is leather. You could treat her to a gorgeous leather wallet or bag. Or you could go with vegan leather! Check out some other leather gift ideas here.

Check out the full article to see every year's theme!


Recreate your Date!

A fun anniversary tradition could be to recreate your first date every year! Try to recall every detail, down to what you wore! As the years pass, this could start looking a bit silly but that only adds to the fun. Remake that same meal, go watch the same movie, or take a walk in that same park. Recreate some of that awkward first date magic!

You could also relive some of the magic of your wedding day. Make some of the appetizers you served. Play your wedding song. Drink your signature drink. Have a florist recreate her wedding bouquet. There are so many ways to pay homage to one of the most special days of your lives.


Big Budget

If you've got a big budget to spend on your anniversary gift we've got some ideas for you!

  • Plan a trip for your anniversary gift! Take the time to plan a trip to somewhere she's always wanted to go. She'll be so surprised if you plan all the details. For maximum surprise, whisk her away on a romantic getaway for your anniversary! Need help picking a destination? Here's an article with the most romantic locations in the world!
  • Plan a surprise party with all your friends, family, and loved ones. It's time to celebrate your anniversary!
  • Surprise her with one of our gorgeous locket necklaces with a photo of the two of you inside! Several of our lockets for her feature diamonds (and what girl doesn't love diamonds?) and we make the gift of a personalized photo locket easy as we put the picture inside for you! She'll think that you've been planning this anniversary gift for ages and you'll score some major brownie points.

Custom Photo Locket Necklace Anniversary Gift

From left to right: The Georgie Locket Necklace ($569), The Paloma Locket Necklace ($349), and the Michael Locket Necklace ($379/$399)

Small Budget

Sometimes the thought is really what matters. Here are some affordable, yet still impressive anniversary gift ideas!

  • Cook her favorite dinner! Clean the house! Light some candles! A stay at home dinner can be just the romantic night you need. You don't need to spend a lot but she'll still be touched by your thoughtfulness. A well thought out day together is the perfect anniversary gift.
  • Make her a playlist of songs that define your relationship. It could be songs that you both love and jam out to or your first dance song from your wedding. She'll love that you took the time to make her a personalized playlist!
  • Plan a whole day of fun, yet cheap or free activities! Start with breakfast in bed. Next you could go for a walk or hike.  You could also plan a romantic picnic in the park. End the day by camping out in the backyard and watching the stars. There are so many options that are affordable but still fun.
  • We have several sterling silver locket necklaces for under $150 for you to surprise her with! Let us put your favorite photo of the two of you inside one of our photo locket necklaces. She'll surely wear her custom photo locket necklace every day and be reminded of how much you love her. A locket is an anniversary gift that she will treasure for years to come.

Custom Photo Locket Necklace 2 Anniversary Gift

From left to right: The Elsie Locket Necklace ($109/$149), The Roxy Locket Necklace ($149), and The Mary Locket Necklace ($99/$139)


Work Day Anniversary

If your anniversary falls on a work day, don't fret! There are still plenty of options for you to surprise with an amazing anniversary gift while she's at work. Here's an article with a bunch of great ideas for gift baskets you can send to her desk. Flowers are always a great idea but some other more creative ideas listed are things such as candy baskets, ice cream, and stickers! Brighten her day by sending her a surprise gift basket for your anniversary.


A Photo Anniversary Gift

Photos are such an important part of a relationship. They mark growth and show how you have changed together. Photos can bring back memories and stories that you thought you'd forgotten! Here are some ideas for a photo anniversary gift using the photos you've taken since you started dating.

  • Get your favorite photo of you together framed. Together you can choose where to hang it! Seeing that photo every day will remind you of why you're so lucky to be with each other.
  • Create a photo album with photos starting back when you began dating until now. You'll have so much fun reminiscing and looking at all the photos from your relationship.
  • Give her a locket necklace from With You Lockets with a favorite photo inside. We can even do the hard part and put the photo inside the locket for you! Check out our Lockets For Her collection to choose the perfect photo locket for your lady.


Get Sentimental

The most wonderful thing is making her cry on your anniversary. Happy tears of course! You know you've done something amazing when she's crying because she's just so overwhelmed by how much you love her. Spend a year saving little mementos of your relationship. You could save things such as movie or concert stubs, restaurant bills from your date nights, or plane tickets. Save all of these things and then present them to her in a beautiful box. You'll have such fun recalling all the fun memories you've made over the past year!

Another idea is to write her a series of notes and put them in envelopes. Label each envelope with things such as "For When You Have a Bad Day" or "For When You Want to Celebrate". She can open each note as she needs it. This is the perfect way to let her know that you're always going to be there for her through all the ups and downs and everything in between.