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  1. Easy Ways to Keep Long-Distance Friendship Fun

    Easy Ways to Keep Long-Distance Friendship Fun

    Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or it's time to celebrate, knowing you've got your best friend by your side just makes life so much brighter! Being able to see a best friend whenever is one of the greatest things. Unfortunately something most everybody has faced at some point is when you or a friend is moving away. Maintaining a long-distance friendship can be challenging but here are some ideas to make it a little easier! 1. Photo of the Day Every day, swap a photo that sums...
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  2. 5 Tips to Make your Workspace Homey

    5 Tips to Make your Workspace Homey

    The average American spends about 46.7 hours a week at work so it's natural to want your home away from home to feel more, well, homey! Having a cozy workspace is a great way to reduce stress and boost productivity. When you feel at home at your desk, you'll look forward to coming in every day. 1. Buy a Plant Invest in a low-maintenance houseplant to spruce up your workspace! There are several varieties of plants such as Aloe, a Snake Plant, or Jade that are difficult to kill for even...
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  3. Can Photos of Loved Ones Help Ease Pain?

    Can Photos of Loved Ones Help Ease Pain?

    We all know there’s no better pain relief than physical contact with someone you love. Whether it be just holding their hand or being enveloped in a hug, it always helps us feel better. When we are hurting it’s just our instinct to search for that physical contact with a loved one to soothe us. Unfortunately, the people we love can’t always be by our sides. Life sometimes prevents us from being able to hug them tightly whenever we want. They could be at work, overseas, or live far away...
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  4. Love.


    As we get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, I’m struck by all the love around me. I am very fortunate to have a husband and daughter that love me and fills my heart with joy. Right now, I’m looking at one of my dogs, who looks up at me with nothing BUT love 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I think that deep down, the people who work with and for me, love me in their own way. And, I have some of the very best friends in...
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  5. O Me! O Life!

    O Me! O Life!

    June means graduations. Pomp and circumstance. It means wrist corsages, and lockets containing photos - a moment captured. As that glorious month creeps up - tempting us to remember the joy of high summer when evening light hangs streaked and long in the sky - we know that ends signal new beginnings. Graduations are a case in point. My son is graduating and I have been thinking of Walt Whitman. Oh Me! Oh Life! … hat you are here – that life exists and identity, that the powerful play goes...
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  6. Who To Put In Your Locket

    Who To Put In Your Locket

    People always ask me who I carry in my locket. Obviously, since the idea for the company originated after the death of my dad, they naturally assume that I am always carrying him. And a lot of the time, they are right. But the reasons I carry him have changed over the years and I find that at different times, I need different people with me. Sometimes I carry him and a lot of the time, I carry my family. I’ve even carried my favorite cat who I lost a...
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  7. Who To Gift This Mother’s Day

    Who To Gift This Mother’s Day

    May 14th is the day to celebrate all the special moms in your life. Though Mother’s Day may seem straight-forward, there are a few people you might not have considered gifting! We made a quick list of women who may have helped raise the people very close to your heart. These moms deserve to be thanked for their tireless efforts which can occasionally get overlooked during the other 364 days of the year. The Mother: Let’s start with the woman the day celebrates. Your mother gave you everything -- life...
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  8. Mother's Day Spotlight: Dustin Bateman

    Mother's Day Spotlight: Dustin Bateman

    This is the story of the love of a young man for this mother and his grandmother. And of his wish to pay tribute to his mother with a keepsake locket. And of how With You fulfilled this wish in a memorable way. Recently, With You founder Troy Haley was addressing a high school student group about starting and growing a business. Following his presentation, Troy was approached by Dustin Bateman, a high school student in attendance. He had been inspired by Troy’s speech and, at that moment, understood at...
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  9. Celebrate or Mourn?

    Celebrate or Mourn?

    If you’ve lost someone you held near to your heart, you will inevitably be faced with the decision of how to mark the anniversary of their death. Do you celebrate their life or mourn their absence? It’s a deeply personal decision and one of those times when you truly need to follow your gut. I admire the people who are able to make it a celebration. Those who go out and do something that marks the date in a positive way and makes them feel good and happy. Because we...
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  10. Grateful for Past, Present and Future

    Grateful for Past, Present and Future

    Last month, I had the good fortune to attend my high school reunion. It had been many years since I had seen my classmates. Truth be told, I felt so far-removed from my high school self that it’s almost as if those years were not my own. But, with the hope of seeing people I have recently reconnected with (thank you Facebook!), I made the decision to attend. And while I wasn’t nervous about going, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Which is great because the night was wonderful...
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