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  1. June's Birthstone: The Pearl (History, Facts, & Gift Guide)

    June's Birthstone: The Pearl (History, Facts, & Gift Guide)

    If you're born in June, you're lucky enough to have three birthstones - pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. We're quite partial June's birthstone of the pearl. Pearls are deeply meaningful and just plain gorgeous and timeless. Pearl birthstone jewelry is full of meaning and the mystical stories of its origin are truly captivating.   Why does June have three birthstones? Only two months are lucky enough to have three of their own birthstones - June and December. Those with birthdays in June have three gorgeous birthstones to choose from. The June...
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  2. Father's Day Gifts | Celebrating All That Makes Dad Our Hero

    Father's Day Gifts | Celebrating All That Makes Dad Our Hero

    Searching for the perfect Father's Day gift for dad can be tricky! Especially if you're shopping for Father's Day gifts for the dad who has everything and wants nothing. We know there's just one goal in mind - give dad a gift that shows him how much you appreciate all he does. For many, dads are real-life superheroes. There's nothing that a bear hug from dad can't fix. They're strong enough to lift us up on their shoulders when we're children and wise enough to solve any problem. Dads are...
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  3. Sentimental Graduation Gifts - Gifts for Graduates of All Ages

    Sentimental Graduation Gifts - Gifts for Graduates of All Ages

    Sentimental graduation gifts are ones that show your grad how indescribably proud you are of all they've accomplished. May and June signal the season of proud family and friends searching for creative and meaningful college graduation gifts and high school graduation gifts, as well as gifts for middle schoolers and below. Graduations are a symbolic time. Your graduate's hard work and dedication have paid off and it's time for them to move on to their next adventure. Meaningful and sentimental gifts for graduates are so popular because they can become...
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  4. Celebrating Her First Mother's Day

    Celebrating Her First Mother's Day

    A congratulations are in order! It's her first Mother's Day ever and we want to help you plan the perfect day. Here's to all the new moms who dreamed about this moment. Whether it took years of not giving up or it happened fast. Whether she carried her little one for 9 months or she adopted a child as her own. It's the moment to celebrate her very first Mother's Day. A mother's selflessness, dedication, and immense amount of pride and love for her little one are worth celebrating May...
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  5. Meaningful Mother's Day Gifting

    Meaningful Mother's Day Gifting

    It's nearly Mother's Day which means it's time to thank mom for everything she does 365 days a year for her family! Plan mom a meaningful Mother's Day this year because let's face it, she deserves the world and more. From the big things to all the little sacrifices that we might not even notice, moms are real life superheroes. A creative or thoughtful gift for mom doesn't have to be a huge gesture or  break the bank either. You can give her a meaningful Mother's Day gift that's just...
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  6. Push Presents for a New Mom: Ideas & Etiquette

    Push Presents for a New Mom: Ideas & Etiquette

    So, you're looking for push presents for a new mom! Push gifts are a wonderful way to thank her for bringing a new, amazing life into the world. For nine long months she has dealt with nausea, exhaustion, back aches, and so much more. Now it's finally time to meet your little one! Giving a push gift to a new mom has been trending on the upswing in recent years and we think it's such a sweet, thoughtful idea! What is a push present? A push present is a gift...
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  7. Sentimental Jewelry & Its Importance

    Sentimental Jewelry & Its Importance

    There's one thing most people have in common — we each own sentimental jewelry. It could be a keepsake locket handed down from a grandparent. Or a colorful beaded bracelet proudly handmade by your child. There's something just so powerful about holding meaningful jewelry steeped in history and memories. Here's why sentimental jewelry is probably one of the most important things that you own.   What is Sentimental Jewelry? Sentimental jewelry is jewelry which carries a story or a memory attached to it. Family members or close friends sometimes give...
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  8. As Seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey | Giving the Gift of Love & Lockets

    As Seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey | Giving the Gift of Love & Lockets

    If you're a fan of reality TV, then you've definitely heard of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The show follows the lives of New Jersey's most fabulous housewives as they run their households. We just can't get enough of the glitz and glamour! On a show that tends to be emotionally charged, it only makes sense that these women would gravitate towards jewelry that carries a lot of emotion as well. In part three of the reunion, Jennifer Aydin gifts Teresa Giudice the Claire locket bracelet. This elegant bracelet...
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  9. Who We Carry in Our Picture Lockets

    Who We Carry in Our Picture Lockets

    Each one of our picture lockets carries something incredible inside. They carry stories of those we love so dearly, of those who give us courage and strength, of those we've lost and who cannot be replaced, and so much more. Each person in the With You Lockets office carries their own cherished memories inside their locket. Read on to see who everyone carries in their locket! You may be inspired as to who you want to carry in your own picture locket!   Mikki Mikki is the founder of With...
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  10. The Origin and History of Heart Jewelry

    The Origin and History of Heart Jewelry

    The History of Heart Jewelry February is the season of celebrating love. This often means gifting red roses, boxes of chocolates, and the iconic heart jewelry. So where did the tradition of giving heart jewelry first begin? Why is it that heart jewelry is one of the most popular ways to say "I Love You" these days? What's the history heart jewelry? In honor of this season of love, we figured it would be a fun opportunity to learn about the origin of heart jewelry. Here's 6 facts about the...
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